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Men's Pump Covers

Shop pump covers for men

Here you can shop a range of pump cover clothes. From pump cover hoodies which will have you warmed up and ready to reveal your muscle pump in no time, to pump cover t-shirts which can be easily layered. Our pump cover clothing is created to enhance your physique and support that distinct bodybuilder shape.

Gym pump covers

A popular term in the weightlifting community, the pump cover is an extra layer of clothing that you wear over your stringer or tank top to hide your muscle pump. These are typically oversized t-shirts, sweaters or hoodies which help to get you warmed up quicker when working out. As you start to warm up or make your way through your sets, your muscles can look larger than usual, due to a surge of fluids like blood or lactic acid to your muscles. It's then time to remove your cover to reveal your pumped up muscles. To find out more about what a pump cover is, head over to our blog on 'What is a pump cover’.

Our collection of mens gym pump covers can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for a workout, running errands, rest day and everything in-between. Our oversized tee pump covers are designed to flatter and enhance your physique, emphasising your shoulders before you remove the extra layer to reveal the muscles underneath. Whilst our oversized hoodie pump covers help you to get that warm-up temperature up in no time. Simply pair with some joggers, leggings or shorts to complete the look.